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The Story of Skipton

Pastoral settlement in Skipton dates from 1839 when three Scotsmen, Alexander Anderson, William Wright and James Montgomerie settled on land by the Emu Creek in what is now the township of Skipton, Victoria.  They called their run "Bamgamie", and built a hut on high ground at a place where it was possible to ford the creek. This spot is now marked with a cairn in Stewart Park. Over time Bamgamie was divided, firstly into "Baangal" and "Langi Willi", later subdivided again into "Banongill", "Borriyalloak", "Mt Widderin" and "Mooramong".


Some detail about the Society

Skipton and District Historical Society Inc was formed in 1984.  The society is based at the former Courthouse in Montgomery Street (Glenelg Highway), Skipton, which is just over the bridge, heading west.  The focus of the society is on local family history, and on collecting and publishing stories from former days in Skipton and the surrounding farming areas.  Some details of these are given below, and also on the page headed PUBLICATIONS.

"Skipton Sketchbook" containing historical information and drawings by Barbara Safstrom

Family Histories from the earliest families to settle in the district

"The Settlers of Skipton", a collection of stories from the World War 2 Soldier Settler families who came to the settlement blocks on Mooramong, Langi Willi, Mt Emu and Stoneleigh in the early 1950's;

also "Tales from Skipton" and "Further Tales from Skipton", collections of personal stories and reminiscence. 

Please note that this website is now 'FOR INFORMATION ONLY' I have left the district and am unable to answer further questions


 Skipton Cemetery Photographs

On this page is the complete collection of photographs of all graves, plaques and memorial wall plaques in the cemetery, up to date at September 2009.  Please be patient when you open this page, it takes a while to load.  All photographs appear in alphabetical order, or you can go to menu/list view for a quicker result.  You are welcome to download any photographs for the purpose of family history research.  A CD comprising all these photos is available from the Society for $8.00, which includes postage. Leave a message in the Guest Book.